If you decide to upgrade to our paid plan, our developers will set you up with your custom platform. Generally, this will take no more than 48 hours. Afterwards you are ready to use your own designated workspace.

The price depends on the type of features, the number of users and the payment interval. You can pay monthly or annually. You only pay for the users who have access to your platform. Contact our Sales team to learn more: sales@themis.eu

The security of your data and information is our absolute priority. Therefore all our functions are GDPR compliant and your content is DRM protected. Read more in our data protection policy.

Our engineers will set up your platform according to your needs and hand it over to you in an onboarding call, so you can log-in and start right away. If you have any questions or need further help, our customer support team is always available by mail: support@themis.eu For our customers with an annual contract of 3.500€ or more, we also offer phone support from Mon-Fri, 10-17 o’clock.

We charge for the amount of user that you add to your account, no hidden costs.

Monthly: We will provide you an invoice the following month for the users who were enrolled on your platform.

Annually: If you choose to pay your bill annually in advance, we will send you an invoice once per calendar quarter to pay any outstanding balances.

The Themis platform and our customer success support are currently available in both German and English.

Of course. You can easily integrate videos, audio recordings, presentations or handouts in different file formats on the Themis platform. We want to ensure that your users receive the best learning experience.

No they don’t. It’s up to you who get’s access to your platform, whether it’s from inside or outside your organization. Our user access management tool makes it easy to control access to the platform.

Yes, it’s possible to charge for access to your platform. You decide whether access is free or users have to pay to use your platform and content. You can choose between different payment providers (e.g. Stripe, Paypal) or use our invoicing tool.

Yes, we do. Our goal is to create an environment that makes transformation processes as simple and efficient as possible. Just reach out to us and we will find a custom solution for your needs: support@themis.eu

With our Basic and Premium Packages you control how many users get access to your platform. However, we do not offer an entirely free package.

That’s why: Building a product and running a business comes with several responsibilities, not at least the responsibility and commitment to sustainability. With our business model, we offer a price that is fair and transparent to everyone.

A free version means that there are unpaid costs (like storage, support and bandwidth). Most products with a free version limit certain key features to move you into a paid plan. This is not in line with the Themis vision and the purpose of our product.

Our goal is to continuously develop and improve impactful features for all of our customers. We try our best, to support organizations that want to create value for society. Therefore, wherever possible, we offer discounts for non-profit organizations.