Why Themis?

Themis (ancient Greek Θέμις Thémis) is a goddess of Greek mythology and wife of Zeus. Themis knew the future and had knowledge that far surpassed even that of Zeus.

Themis was born out of the ideas of people who had spent years accompanying transformation processes in public sector institutions, organizations and companies.

What was missing? People at the center of the process.

That’s why at Themis people are the focus.

Because we know:

Learning and collaboration are integral parts of organizational change – that’s why they are at the core of the Themis Video Workspace.

Processes do not fail because of ideas, but because of implementation.

Our Change Acceleration Platform offers everything needed to transform expertise into knowledge and to activate people as an active part of change through knowledge and skills gain.

With Themis, implementing complex change management and transformation processes becomes foolproof.