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Themis makes it easy to surface, capture, 
and share your organization’s knowledge.

Our tools activate and enable every employee.

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Build interactive videos within minutes out of existing content or from scratch to share and communicate it within your company.


Unleash your organization’s creativity and knowledge in real-time to create the most impactful content.


Master strategic communication with

targeted user management.


Monitor the impact with data-driven performance dashboards and easily adapt your content if needed.

Users trust Themis

Florian Kling


Sabrina Person

VP Operations

Benedikt Habbel

Strategy Consultant

“The long term motivation of employees and building strong and self-sufficient teams is a daily challenge. Themis fits perfectly into an organization as the crucial connecting link, as it puts people at the center.”

“Implementing Themis is simple. The user- centric design provides our clients with flexibility and high adoption rates in their organizations, resulting in maximum success of our consulting projects.”

“Themis makes it easy to get employee buy- in and align people with a strategic process. It encourages collaboration and amplifies individual strength.”

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